Everything we do for you is bespoke, specialised and designed to grow your team swiftly and professionally. We do not offer you candidates who have responded to adverts or registered on a database, we introduce you to leading individuals carefully selected to fulfill your role and match your team's culture. The eight stage process outlined below shows how we handle your recruitment from finding your candidate to managing their career transition.
We take time to understand your firm, its culture and strategy, the role and the attributes of your perfect candidate.
Our team bring their considerable experience in to play when mapping your marketplace, researching targets and planning the most suitable approach.
Our knowledgeable and discrete headhunters speak directly to a targeted selection of possible candidates.
We listen to feedback from possible candidates regarding your role and, in partnership with you, we make any required adjustments.
We meet suitable and interested candidates face-to-face to assess, benchmark and understand their key motivations, before drawing up an advised shortlist.
We will coordinate all interviews for you, preparing the candidates and keeping both parties fully briefed at all stages.
Assisting with financial and package negotiations (managing counter offers as necessary), we will secure a genuine acceptance in principal of your chosen candidate.
Providing open and transparent feedback at all stages, we will assist your candidate with their resignation, exit, start date and transitional period.