If you are a legal partner, team or associate considering your next career step then we can provide a direct introduction to key decision makers in suitable firms. Naturally all discussions are absolutely confidential, and our careful approach offers considerable support and experience throughout the process. We work at the pace you're comfortable with and only take action on your behalf with your express permission. We happily work outside of office hours to suit you. The eight stage process outlined below shows how we work to find you the role that matches your aspirations.
We take time to understand your career motivations and aspirations, including your financial requirements and the workplace culture you're looking for.
If we have a specific suitable opportunity then we present to you a detailed description of the role and how it matches your requirements.
Working pro-actively on your behalf we will, with your agreement, make initial and anonymous approaches to explore available positions.
After positive talks, and with your express permission, we will directly discuss your details and suitability with selected firms to arrange meetings.
Our specialist consultants will fully brief you prior to meetings with firms on all aspects of their practice, Partners, culture and the specific opportunity.
Whilst meeting with a prospective firm we will handle all aspects of the meetings, documentation and feedback to allow you to focus on the discussions.
If both parties are happy we will formally secure you an offer. We can negotiate on your behalf, making sure the role matches your aspirations and goals. We also make sure you have breathing space to consider everything before committing.
Moving from jobs is a significant event, both logistically and emotionally. We assist with every aspect, from how to resign and professionally deal with a counter offer, to joining your new team as smoothly as possible.